Sunday, October 19, 2014

7 signs that show he was our mate


1. Naive
We love it to be casual and not acting. Look at the way he dressed, the way conversations, how to laugh and how to eat and drink. Is it spontaneous and not controlled or looked strange. If it seems less comfortable with his style, he was acting lawfully. Sometimes, we can detect that he was acting. But, when he appeared natural and not artificial, he was a suitable candidate of our lives. If not, he may not be our mate.

2. Easy Joint
Although we are always with him, not the slightest feeling bored, tired or stressed at ourselves. Increasingly dear to him. We are always calm, happy, and he became our grief catharsis.

3. We accept AS
Regardless of past stories we've ever done, he did not care. Maybe he knew parting with former lover before our start. He also did not take the story of who we are before.Most importantly, who we are now. Although he knows that we have had previous lovers, he does not take a direct liver. All he knew, we were hers now. He is also willing to share the story of his past. No need to keep secrets when he is ready to be our life partner.

4. Always Honest
She did not mind what we are doing is not illegal as long as the arbiter of religious law. Honesty on display to attract our hearts. Honesty is not something that can be played. We can suspect something when he deceive us. As long as entrenched in his honesty, happiness become ours. When apart, honesty, the most important factor for a relationship. When he was not honest, difficult to avoid cheating from happening to us. When he was honest, the warm relations we love. Honesty is dotted with a true love of loyalty to bear.

5. Believe
Everyone has their own secrets. Sometimes the secret to be shared in order to reduce the burden. When we have a secret to tell you beloved, is our secret safe in his hands? For those who are married, the nature of mutual trust between each other arising from the conscience. They feel safe when telling secrets to her lover against the other partners. Another, we are not secretive anything to him and we would secure our secret.

6. Easy Work
For those of us who want to succeed and remain a love affair in the long run, we and he needs to work together through this life. We and lovers need to cooperate to do something either trivial or difficult. All work done must be sincere to help couples and ease their work. The most important thing we and he can go through all this to do together. We and he can do everything without the need for other people and we are happy to do it together. This is important because it affects our lives in the future. If there is no cooperation, it is difficult to live with it. This is because, we who bear the burden of responsibility entirely.

7. Istikharah prayer and Tawakkal
Dating and meeting them at the hands of God. People are only planning on the world stage and the script written by the one true God. Sometimes, in the role as an actor, guided by dreams or intuition. Dream sleep is play, but when we do pray istikharah and prayed God guides, God willing, with his permission we get guidance. If he is our choices, make decisions properly. If not, reject him well. Everything we do is for happiness in the world. After all work on, put your trust in Him and continue to pray.

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